Right to Life

Everyone has a right to life. Climate change fundamentally threatens that, not just in the future, but today. We are not content to just work for the right to life of those who are not already threatened. Without restoration, millions of people have had their right to life already breached.

Right to a safe and Stable climate

Everyone has the right to grow, learn, develop and try and achieve happiness. For this to happen, a stable grounding is needed- a safe and stable climate. We call it Mother Earth for a reason- fundamentally we are reliant on it for all we do. As young people in particular, we are aware of how precarious an unsafe and unstable climate may make our lives

Evidence Based

In solving a problem as big as climate change, we cannot ignore the evidence. We cannot ignore it is happening, nor what its effects may be. However, when looking for solutions and at technologies and techniques, we cannot allow our minds to be clouded by ideology- we must look at what works, but also at the risks as well. Evidence based solutions do not mean ignoring the human effects of these- far from it, it means being acutely aware of what they are. 

Climate Justice

We cannot hope for a just world if we have such an unsafe climate. Economic and social inequalities are, and will continue to be, made worse by the climate crisis. The effects of climate change do, and will, hamper development. What justice may be found if people don't have a safe climate to securely plan for the future? Climate change has already happened, so if we are to achieve justice for the millions already suffering, we cannot just stop it getting better- we must restore.