Common Humanity

We're all fundamentally human, and therefore all have a responsibility to each other, no matter who we are. We have no more responsibility for those who live in our own countries than those who live abroad - we are united by our humanity.


Durability is the ability for a solution to survive into the future. Here, two aspects are important- the ability for a solution to endure, and the ability for the future to occur. Worldward is dedicated to pursuing short term relief and imminent measures for imminent problems, alongside long term, durable solutions. For true durability, both must work in tandem.


Nothing can be taken in isolation. To see a problem as merely affecting one particular thing generally ignores many of its far reaching effects. Worldward stands for unity, including unity between countries to solve global issues. Ultimately, most issues of sustainability are so far reaching that they cannot be categorised into boxes; they must be seen for what they are if there is to be any hope in solving them.


No one solution fits all. Different problems require different approaches and, in different cases, different approaches are the correct course of action. Therefore, we take no specific economic philosophy; we don't allow the demands of the situation to dictate our view of the correct course of action. We believe in diversity of action, and in tailor-making solutions to the problems, not trying to tailor-make problems for solutions.


On a yearly basis, we reaffirm our ideology and our beliefs. We believe this is necessary to keep the organisation vibrant and relevant to the changing world. To the right are links to each of our statements of beliefs, and our foundational statement, our current guiding statement of ideology. 

Statements of Ideology

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