Our volunteers


Benjamin is the President of Worldward.  He is a sixth form student from London, studying Maths, Politics and Biology with a view to pursuing Medical Sciences at university.  He was a founding member of Worldward, and believes that there needs to be a fundamental shift of focus for all those involved in climate activism, from the traditional net-zero narrative to climate restoration. He has attended several networking events on behalf of the organisation and plays a large role in the outreach and resource creation working groups, as well as coordinating and writing blogs for the website.


Benjamin is a sixth form student from London: he is passionate about Climate Restoration 


Hannah is a 17 year old climate activist from the UK and one of the Vice Presidents of Worldward. She is passionate about the role that youth can play in combatting the climate crisis. She also believes in the importance of education, and therefore helps to train volunteers for Worldward, as well as overseeing our education programme. She is currently a student studying Physics, Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry, and hopes to study Chemistry at university. 

Hannah is a 17 year old climate activist from the UK


Adama is a community leader and young Civil Society and Climate Change activist from The Gambia. He is a graduate in Information Systems and focusses his work on advocating for Climate Justice and restoration. His actions have helped individuals find a voice and given opportunities to people.  Adama directs his energy toward building peaceful communities through dialogue as a way to solve social issues.


Adama is a young civil society and climate change activist from The Gambia


Lior is a sixth form student from London. He is passionate about the natural world and its integral role in the human experience, as well as how the relationship between the earth's physical processes and its atmosphere affect the functioning and very existence of society. Without radical change, environmental devastation will continue and greatly intensify, destroying millions of lives and irreversibly diminishing biodiversity.  Lior is committed to advocating for Climate Restoration because it is the only way to achieve climate justice, prevent future escalation of the climate crisis and eradicate the immense devastation and suffering experienced by many at present.


A sixth form student from London, Lior cares greatly about the natural world around us, and sees restoration as vital to its preservation and to achieving climate justice


Ilana is from London. She has always been passionate about protecting the earth, and after doing some research Ilana knew she wanted to join Worldward to support their commitment to climate restoration. It gives her optimism for the future!​  She is committed to creating and sharing resources to help her peers understand the importance of climate restoration.

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From London, Ilana has always been passionate about protecting the earth: after all, it gives to us!


Birendra Rai is from Sikkim, India. He is pursuing a Bachelors in Sociology from IGNOUs. He is an Environmental and climate change activist working for a sustainable future. 

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Birendra Rai is from Sikkim, India, pursuing a Bachelors in Sociology. He is an environmental and climate change activist working for sustainable future


Tafadzwa is a 23-year-old youth and climate activist from Zimbabwe currently advocating for climate and youth engagement through a number of initiatives. He is also the Founder of Magna Youth and a member of a number of youth-led bodies internationally.  Tafadzwa believes youth engagement is the way forward for the present and the future.


Founder of Magna Youth and a member of a number of youth-led bodies internationally, Tafadzwa believes in the importance of youth engagement 

Paula is a 21-year-old from Mexico who is studying International Relations at university. She is currently the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) coordinator at her university’s SDG Student Hub, which is part of the SDG Student Program, a UN SDSN Youth initiative.  She is committed to climate restoration and is keen to help by educating people and calling for systemic changes.

Paula is a 21-year-old from Mexico studying International Relations at university, and is committed to climate restoration