Geoengineering Beliefs



Climate Change is the greatest problem facing humanity, and to have ever faced humanity. As such, there is no one solution, no silver bullet. We need multiple solutions all working at once to have any chance of avoiding catastrophe. We can't just geoengineering, nor can we just reduce emissions or adapt: all the solutions must work together.



All Options


Mitigation alone has failed to combat the climate crisis. We must now also look elsewhere. Climate change threatens the very foundations of human progress, and thus, we must explore every avenue we can to solve it- anything less would be dangerous. All options must be on the table for research, consideration, acception or rejection. 



Climate Justice


Climate change disproportionately impacts poorer people and countries, who, because of their tiny emissions, have far less influence over global mitigation than larger emitters: the most effected are less almost powerless. Geoengineering, both GGR and potentially SRM, would give these people more power over their own destiny. With this tool that actively fights climate change, the power of the most effected is augmented. Geoengineering may become a most pertinent tool for climate justice.





Geoengineering has a lot of potential for good and harm. We must research to work out how to maximise benefits and minimise harms. Research currently suggests one thing- geoengineering has a lot of unrealised potential, and we have an obligation to see that potential realised for good rather than ill.

Therefore, we must research the risks and benefits of geoengineering and how to improve the technology, before we waste money on deployment or worse.



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