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Updated: Jan 22

We were recently offered the opportunity to become a supporting organisation of the UK based student-led organisation ‘Teach the Future’. This is a wonderful group of people whose aim is ‘to repurpose the UK education system around the climate emergency’. It draws our attention to how little about climate change is actually on the school curriculum, and how and why reform is needed, as well as directly campaigning for laws that can change this.


The current education system in the UK, and most of the rest of the world, is not up to the task of educating the youth of today on climate change and empowering them to work for climate justice. The youth are the future, who will be living in this changed climate, and are currently the strongest voice of change. Us youth must be better equipped to deal wit the problems of the world, today and in the future, making Teach the Future's objectives so important for all of us. We would urge organisations internationally to take up a similar stance, and push for better education on climate change globally.

Worldward believes that the way climate change is taught in schools and beyond needs to change. After all, education is an incredibly powerful tool that enables generational and class gaps to be bridged so we can all work together towards a common and better future. Education is the bedrock of change, which is why what Teach the Future is doing is so valuable, and why Worldward is so proud to support it. If we teach the future, the chances of climate justice and climate restoration occurring increase hugely, because education is arguably the most important tool in social change.

Teach the Future, like Worldward, is run by young people, and this is perhaps the reason their campaign is so in tune with what young people want, and need, in their education system to help combat this key issue of the future. It is this vital message which is why Worldward is proud to support Teach the Future.

A UK-based Worldward volunteer, said "As a young person in the UK, I see the power our education system has in our lives, and how it simply isn't up to scratch to equip us in combatting the climate crisis. It needs fundamental change in so many ways to do this, which is why what Teach the Future does is so valuable"

You can find Teach the Future's website at:

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