SRM Policy

SRM is a set of proposed methods to reverse climate change by reflecting the sun's radiation. This radiation provides the heat for drives global warming, and so if it can be reflected away, there is less heat available to warm the earth. This page is not about the science of SRM, but what Worldward's policy towards it is


We must research SRM to clarify the risks and the benefits. We must be prepared if an individual or country uses SRM unilaterally, and must have the knowledge to know if we can safely implement SRM in a worst case scenario. This need strong investment in research. Field trials should show the diligence needed for climatic intervention. Large field trials should be strictly and internationally governed.


SRM is potentially dangerous, so it must be effectively governed. We must immediately establish an international governing body invested with the power to oversee research and to ensure that research, if it occurs at all, occurs as a result of pluralistic international discussion with strong input from countries from the Global South. It should be a tool for climate justice.

Planetary First Aid

Worldward hopes the world will never have to use SRM, and certainly, no matter what, it can never replace mitigation and adaptation. However, we believe SRM should be fully researched and governed so that it is known if it could be implemented to buy us more time- like first aid for the planet. It could never be a long term solution, but possibly could be enough to keep us going in a climate catastrophe scenario. 

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