Solar Radiation Management- it's engineering the earth's climate by reflecting the sun's light. There are two main ways being seriously considered- Stratospheric Aerosol Injection and Marine Cloud Brightening. These sound complicated, because they are! But here we will help explain these to you in simple terms. Be warned, most of what we are saying is based on hypothetical studies, not irrefutable fact! If we have omitted anything you deem important, please feel free to contact us about it.

Marine Cloud Brightening

Think about rain clouds, and how they are darker than normal clouds. That's because the water particles in rain clouds are massive. Marine Cloud Brightening would do the opposite. By injecting clouds with superfine water particles, we can make clouds that are brighter, and so, clouds that reflect more sunlight. Less sunlight entering the earth= less warming

Stratospheric Aerosol Injection

Volcanoes artificially cool the earths climate by throwing particles into the atmosphere that block out the sun. If we could artificially do the same process, we could artificially cool the earth to reverse global warming. And the technology is there- all you need is planes, balloons or artillery to throw the particles into the upper atmosphere.