We are a group of young people working in their free time to make a better future for everyone. We do most of our work online, and aim to promote, educate and advocate for climate restoration, as well as promote a healthy discussion into the technologies.


We meet with politicians and academics. We speak to NGOs, and try to engage the climate movement at large. We also create a diverse set of resources, from educational presentations to blogs, from short stories to videos, to allow for a diverse arrange of expression and learning about climate restoration. We aim to become a hub of artistic endeavour as a key way of communicating climate restoration. We also run online educational sessions to promote the idea of restoration to the public at large. Finally, we will try and promote research into as many different conceptions of climate restoration as possible.

We are an organisation centres on climate justice, and a sense of optimism that we can achieve this if, and only if, we restore the climate