A new narrative on climate change is needed, one that includes everyone, be them left wing or right wing, young or old, meat eater or vegan. Climate Change is too big an issue for it to only be an issue for a small group of people. Its an issue for everyone, no matter who they are.




Worldward Speakers

Worldward offers free enrichment sessions for schools, youth organisations and communities. If you want one of Worldward's speakers to come into your school, organisation or business, we provide engaging and interactive sessions n a huge variety of topics. We specialise in sessions on geoengineering, although we also offer sessions on topics like air pollution, the SDGs and sustainability education. Please email our head of education gfuterman@worldward.org if you want one of our speakers to come in.


Climate Change conversations

A key part of Worldward's vision is opening up honest, informative and useful conversations about the use of technological insurance as a solution to climate change. These could come in the form of YouTube videos, podcasts or email interviews, and are normally done remotely, at times which best suit you. 

If you would like to participate in one of these projects, please press on the link below.

Climate Change

Climate change is the biggest social, economic and political issue of this generation. It will work to exacerbate ever single major issue in the world today. We must combat it, and yet, the way we combat it today is failing.

Worldward believes in the potential of geoengineering, the deliberate engineering of the earth's climate to combat climate change. This, if researched thoroughly and managed equitably, alongside adaptation and emission reductions, could form a part of a solution to climate change.

Worldward is dedicated to transferring the geoengineering debate from the hands of fossil fuel companies into the public, scientific and political arena. Our Worldward Speakers engage directly with young people about geoengineering and its risks and benefits. Through our Climate Change Conversations Project we are creating public debate, and are trying to synthesise this with scientific and political discussion.  We are further campaigning for the creation of national research councils, and, ultimately, an intergovernmental governance council on geoengineering.



Sustainability is all about enduring for generations, and therefore, we must encourage children to think in a sustainable way in what they do. For too long, long-term negatives have been outweighed by short-term goods, and for too long  problems fundamentally concerning people have been branded problems of the environment. No more.

Worldward wishes to encourage people to address problems, big or small, in a sustainable way and to see the bigger world we are part of. If on a ground level we can get people to understand the vastness and diversity of our world, and the need for sustainable solutions in it, our work can continue for generations to come.

We are fundamentally an organisation concerned with people, and what better human spirit than learning?

Worldward is one of the only organisations offering free educational services on geoengineering. We visit schools, youth clubs and community hubs to educate about sustainability, and particularly offer honest educational sessions on advantages and disadvantages of geoengineering.


Our Campaigns

Who are we?


Worldward is a grassroots organisation, formed by a group of people who strongly believe we need a sustainable future. We are people like you. Our leadership is predominantly young, but as an organisation we are young people and old people and every age in between. We are not a political movement, but we campaign to politicians. Nor are we a community action scheme, or an aid scheme; we want to work with communities to make the world a better place. We are an organisation dedicated to a goal.


We are united by hope and passion - that is, hope for a better future, and passion to achieve it. These two ideas carry us forward, and we welcome all those who share these into Worldward. We are currently based in London, England, however, as the name suggests, we are looking for members of a much larger scale. Then, we can truly move Worldward, and achieve our potential. 


We are an organisation open to all members, no matter who they are. We are also open to any suggestions of what could be improved and the direction the organisation should take. As a member, you would be entitled to shape the fate of the organisation, by suggesting agendas for meetings of the core committee, campaign directions, and more - we truly are an organisation guided and built upon its members. 


We have a strong hope in the durable future of the organisation and therefore have started by investing in two separate campaigns, which we hope will grow. We believe strongly in the creation of links, including to those with power and expertise, and to those those we are trying to help. As well as linking these people to the organisation, we will link them to each other.

For any enquiries about membership or the organisation as a whole please contact: info@worldward.org  or visit us on facebook @worldward or Instagram @worldward_official

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