climate restoration

 the only way to achieve climate justice

What is

climate restoration?

Climate change is impacting all of us. Unless we do the unthinkable and stop emitting today, millions will suffer and die. It's time for a new narrative, one that's not just about stopping making things worse, but about making things better. It's time to systematically remove CO2 from the atmosphere on an unprecedented scale. It's time to restore the climate.


Who we are

We are an international voluntary youth organisation with one goal: the promotion of climate restoration.
​Comprising participants from across the globe giving up their time to advocate, educate and raise awareness about restoration, we are proud of our diversity, believing that every person has their own unique strengths to contribute.
​We are a movement working for a better future. 

What needs to happen?


Achieving net zero emissions


Actively improving the climate 


Adjusting to our new climate